Angry Gran Games

Angry Gran is a cool character who is constantly trying to escape from the mental hospital. She was sent to different countries, thinking that this would help keep her there. But every time she managed to do the impossible and visit the streets of foreign cities. Today you will witness these events!


Fans will be able to enjoy unique atmospheres in these games. Each territory has talismans, traditions and much more. Not only will you have fun, but you will also enjoy the culture. For example, users can see palm trees, huge New Year’s candies or the famous Big Ben.

Popular games:

  1. Angry Gran Run: Turkey
  2. Angry Granny Run: Japan
  3. Angry Granny Run: India
  4. Angry Gran Run Halloween
  5. Angry Granny Run: Miami
  6. Angry Gran Run Mexico
  7. Angry Gran Run London
  8. Angry Gran Run Brazil
  9. Angry Gran Run Christmas Village


Each run will offer a huge number of traps. Angry Gran won’t be able to avoid them without your help. For this reason, you must turn in the right direction, jump or duck down. To do this, our guests must have quick reaction, concentration, dexterity and attentiveness. For successful results you will be able to receive rewards and additions. They will help improve your character and earn more points.