Pony Games

Games in this genre are dedicated to the fascinating world of sweet horses and are intended for players of all ages. This will appeal to those who love cute and colorful adventures. Here users will take care of the pony, take part in competitions, explore magical locations and complete various tasks.


Pony are small artiodactyls who also love to have fun and want to have a great time. In this category, fans can choose any challenge that has amazing graphics. Interact with them, take care of them and go on various trips.

The process includes elements of a simulator, as well as tasks that require logical thinking and creativity. Players can develop their new friends, teach them skills and much more. This will bring you rewards!

Popular games:

  • My Little Pony Coloring Book Online
  • My Cute Pony
  • Pony Pet Salon
  • Super Pony World
  • My Pony: My Little Race
  • Hatch Your Unicorn Idol
  • My Pony Designer
  • What awaits you?

    Participants will have to give love to small pets. Feed them, clean them and keep them comfortable so they are happy! May they always be happy and healthy! Many processes allow you to customize the pony’s appearance.

    Do you want to take first place in horse racing, jumping over obstacles and other entertainment? You will also be able to visit worlds to explore, where you will complete missions. Search for treasures and interact with other characters in these games!