Angry Birds Games

Angry Birds are cool characters who constantly fight against green pigs. The opponents are very resourceful and treacherous and therefore build barricades. The main task at each level is to destroy their buildings in order to get to them. Are you ready?

Cool Missions

In these games, players will visit different locations. But each of them has the same goal and you know it well. Can you quickly master the controls and maintain the balance that will help you get perfect results? Enjoy the atmosphere in every area!

Popular games:

  1. Angry Red Birds
  2. Friday Night Funkin’: Angry Birds
  3. Slither Birds
  4. Angry Birds
  5. Angry Birds Halloween
  6. Angry Heroes
  7. Angry Flappy Birds
  8. Science Birds

Sleight of Hand

In these games, fans must react quickly, be attentive and focused. Only in this case will they be able to win. At each round, you are required to tighten the elastic band of the slingshot so as to hit the target clearly. Follow the broken line, which will tell you the direction.

Learn from mistakes so you don’t repeat them again! In addition, users can receive cool rewards and bonuses with which they can improve Angry Birds. Think twice before making a throw and we are sure that you will become a master. It will be adrenaline!