Fighting Games

Today players will be able to try the best fighting style challenges. In this genre you have to be attentive, dexterous and brave. A huge selection of plots will give everyone the opportunity to try what they have long dreamed of. Are you ready to cope with missions and become a real master?


Here are games that will take fans to exciting locations. What about visiting dangerous areas, abandoned buildings and dark dungeons? Each time you will be greeted by unique heroes with special tasks. Be careful not to get into trouble!

Fun and Adrenaline

You won’t always feel terror and tension. If you want to take part in fighting and have a laugh, you can do it. Go to bright locations where there will be comic attacks. For example, users can manage poultry that wants to protect the farm. Combine them to become more powerful and prosperous!

Upgrading Characters

In any of the games in this category, the levels will gradually become more difficult. This will force you to unlock new abilities for heroes, buy add-ons and much more. To do this, you need to receive coins, stars, or other things for successfully completing rounds. Will you be able to reach the maximum level?Don’t forget to collect your rewards!