Survival Games

Do you want to test your psyche for strength? Today, each of you has a wonderful opportunity to do this. The survival genre is for those who like to be in the middle of danger. Here, players will also experience adrenaline and tension that will be difficult to cope with. Go on creepy missions and become a winner!

Face Your Fears

In these games, users will visit various places. It could be an abandoned factory, a mystical house or a cursed school. In each of these places you will face what you fear most in life. Can you overcome this or will you chicken out?


Most often in such challenges, fans will control other people. They all have their own history, which is sometimes connected to the past. Wake up in an empty room and start looking for a way out! In addition, survival will give you something to worry about. Will you be able to avoid encounters with opponents?


The main task should be understood immediately, but there are others here as well. For example, some games ask you to solve puzzles or search for objects. This will help you reach the end and leave hell. Also, participants can fight monsters or try to avoid being caught by them. Each time you will come up with a plan of action and quickly respond to dangers.