Running Games

Do you want to get a dose of good mood? Then welcome to the Running category! Here you will find hundreds of fascinating stories that will make you plunge into the right atmosphere. What do you know about this? We are ready to show you the best challenges in this style and prove that it’s worth it!


In these games, users can visit different worlds. Travel to outer space, populated cities and more! Every time you will be surprised and have goals and try to accomplish them. After all, for this, fans will receive not only points or coins, but also rewards. Are you ready to become a master?

Be careful!

Very often in such challenges, participants will encounter problems. We mean obstacles or traps that block the path. Can you be nimble to avoid them? In the Running category, you need to react quickly to get to the finish line. Sometimes you even have to face opponents who want to confuse you. Find a way to get rid of them!


Take control of unique characters with different tasks. For example, you can help a guy escape from a policeman. Be careful to collect bonuses and boosters at the location. They will help you unlock new abilities or give them for a while. Upgrade your characters in these games to get perfect results!