Siren Head Games

Siren Head is a scary monster that looks too creepy. He has a long body, a creepy look and disgusting goals. The players will meet him today to win. If he manages to attack you first, you will die, you don’t want that? This process will make even the bravest people nervous.


Basically, these games are about a family trying to survive. The creature follows them wherever they are. In the village, in the city, in the mountains and even in the forest! You have to help the guys protect their relatives and escape. Shoot, run, explore, fight and get on with your life!

Best games:

  1. Siren Head Vs Cartoon Cat
  2. Siren Head 3 Game
  3. Siren Head: Sound Of Despair
  4. Monster School vs Siren Head
  5. Siren Head SCP-6789: The Hunt Continues
  6. Siren Apocalyptic


Siren Head has become a very recognizable and popular character. The developers did not stand aside and created many versions with it. For this reason, here fans can take part in challenges that are no less cool than the original. Will you be able to successfully complete all levels?

In these games, users must be attentive and dexterous. Shoot with a bow, go through long distances with obstacles and much more. Meet other equally famous heroes and defeat the disgusting monster!