Subway Surfers Games

Subway Surfers is for those who love adrenaline. Today players will meet a guy who loves to draw graffiti. But the local police don’t like it and they are trying to catch the hero. In these challenges, fans will help him escape without getting a fine. Are you ready?


The main character of the game constantly travels in the hope that one day no one will stop him from creating. But all attempts fail and he goes on the run as usual. Players must control it to overcome obstacles and escape from the cop with the dog.

Best games:

  1. Subway Surfers Houston
  2. Subway Surf Halloween
  3. Subway Surfers in Berlin
  4. Subway Surfers Monaco
  5. Subway Surfers: New Orleans
  6. Subway Surfers Chicago
  7. Subway Surfers London
  8. Subway Surfers Seoul

Missions and Traps

Our guests will have to overcome hundreds of dangerous obstacles. All actions will take place in places where there are trains. Therefore, you have to jump on their roofs, avoid crashing into signs and much more in Subway Surfers.

In addition, the games have boosters, such as a skateboard or huge boots. They will make you faster or give you the ability to run endlessly. You can not be afraid of barriers and concentrate on collecting coins. The speed will increase, so don’t lose your way!