Scary Teacher 3D Games

Scary Teacher 3D

The realm of amusing tricks and curious challenges is here for you to explore! In Scary Teacher 3D you are taking the role of a usual schoolboy, who has a personal quarrel with the most atrocious teacher at school. Miss T is the embodiment of every bad trait you could ever think of. She is mean, abusive and likes to make her students suffer.

Restore justice and prove her wrong. Although, direct encounter is impossible in this case. Thus, the game offers you a slightly different approach. Perform various tricks behind her back and make your hated teacher experience the most unpleasant things.

Scary Teacher 3D offers you a great variety of interesting pranks that will drive Miss T crazy. Interact with the items that may be useful and combine them to end up with a perfect crime. However, the game needs you to listen to your opponent carefully! The teacher knows that something is wrong, so she will be searching for you constantly.

Try to concentrate in the creepy atmosphere of Scary Teacher 3D! The nonstop feeling of danger and your enemy, following your steps certainly don’t encourage you to continue your mission. Nevertheless, accomplish all the levels of the game and get rid of Miss T, at least now.