Puzzle Games

You need to rest too! In this category, players will not only get in a good mood, but also benefit. Here you will go on exciting adventures that will relieve your brain. Are you ready to solve interesting and complex puzzles? Prove that you are smart and can think logically!

What will you choose?

In these games, users will be able to complete missions that will test your knowledge in different areas. What about quizzes where you have to answer questions? Or do you want to collect items that are similar? Do you know the popular challenge where you need to get to the number 2048?

Intuition or Common Mind?

Puzzles always require participants to think and pay attention. Very often they are related to solving character problems. For example, you need to draw lines that will block the path of enemies. To do this, you need to build a strategy and think through a plan ahead.


Besides all this, you can find peace in such games. Beautiful melodies, pleasant atmosphere and lack of tension. Forget about time limits or attempts! These challenges will not rush users to make decisions. Trust your inner feelings to complete tasks. Place furniture in the house, jump on the slabs and just follow the rhythm!