Farming Games

Welcome to the popular games in which players take on the role of farmers. Here, everyone is immersed in rural life, where the main tasks are planting and cultivating crops. In addition, you will care for animals, manage resources and develop the territory. Enjoy the process of creating your own empire!

Main Differences

The main idea is to simulate life outside the city. Players start with a small location and strive to develop it by expanding it. Improve buildings and increase the number of crops grown and animals raised! Planning and strategy are important in farming, as success depends on proper time management and more.

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Users will plant seeds, water plants, and produce a harvest that can then be sold or used to produce other products. These types of games often feature the ability to raise animals such as cows, chickens, and sheep. Take care of them and get milk, eggs, wool and much more from them.

You will also build and upgrade buildings such as barns, greenhouses and mills to increase efficiency. Go to the market where you can earn money. Exchange products for opportunities in future! In addition, while you are farming, you can interact with your neighbors by completing joint tasks.