Mario Games

Mario is a famous character that even your parents know about. Its story began a long time ago and is still popular today. This guy loves visiting different worlds and learning their features. The main task of users is to run and collect coins. But everything will not be as simple as it might seem at first glance!


In these games you will always face obstacles along the way. Will you be able to react quickly to deal with them? Dangerous sections of the road may mean there are sharp spikes or gaps. Don’t fall down to avoid falling into water or lava, because you’ll have to start over. Players will also encounter opponents who can get rid of the hero.

Popular games:

  1. Super Mario and Sonic
  2. Super Maxim World
  3. Mario & Banzai
  4. Super Mario Bros Movie
  5. Mario Craft Runner
  6. Super Mario Rush
  7. Super Mario Rush 2
  8. Super Mario Wheelie
  9. Super Mario Bros Riders


Mario often does collaborations with other characters. Fans love the combination of a man in a suit and a blue hedgehog. In these challenges you can often choose one of them or invite a friend. Find out which of them is more dexterous and will win? There are other challenges here that differ from the traditional versions. What will you choose to have a great time?