Lagged Games

Welcome to the world of fun and good mood! Today players have a great opportunity to try what everyone is talking about. Lagged is a developer who always tries to please its subscribers. Everyone will spend a lot of time in this section, trying out known and new challenges. Are you ready to plunge into this atmosphere?


In this category, users can find something they will be crazy about. Still undecided? We will be happy to help you with this, but first you need to figure out what you love. Horror, runner, arcade, survival or racing? In addition, there are other games that will stimulate adrenaline, tension and test your reflexes. Can you prove your mastery over other allies or strangers?

Get your guns ready!

If you want to try yourself as a sniper, then welcome! In Lagged, fans can choose an amazing storyline that will take you to dangerous locations. There are a huge number of enemies who attack and you need to defend yourself. A huge selection of weapons will give you a chance to win, so get started quickly! You can also master the skills of controlling air, land or water transport.


Wars or tower defenses don’t always provide an opportunity to relax. That’s why we offer you games where you can laugh. Ridiculous stories and the same characters will make you visit strange places. Each of them has its own past and future, in which you will take an active part. What are they capable of to achieve their goals? Don’t forget to come up with a plan to avoid any unfortunate situations!

Popular games:

  1. Tower Of Destiny
  2. G Switch 3
  3. Jollyworld
  4. Idle Startup Tycoon
  5. Rowdy City Wrestling
  6. Bloomgi Rocket
  7. Superbattle 2
  8. Duck Life
  9. Electron Dash
  10. Tiny Town Racing

Improve yourself!

Wherever you are, you have to constantly make improvements. These can be heroes, a farm, cars and much more. There are plenty of ways to do this in Lagged, so follow the rules. Collect coins, stars, bonuses and items that will help you achieve the desired results. Buy skins, make tunings, use boosters and much more! All this will give additional motivation to move on.


Games in this genre provide fans with some tough challenges. What about becoming the owner of a cafe or online store? Be a builder, salesman, stuntman, astronaut or train driver! Here you can climb the career ladder and become a tycoon. In addition, participants can plunge into the world of the savannah and learn more about the life of animals. Hunt and explore!