Simulation Games

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The genre of simulation in games includes a wide range of activities aimed at reproducing or simulating real-life activities, environments or systems. They provide players with the opportunity to participate in various situations, allowing them to immerse themselves in realistic or fantasy scenarios and take on roles or tasks that reflect real living situations. This genre often focuses on aspects such as strategy, management, creativity, and problem solving. Here are some popular types of such platforms:

Life simulations

Such as the series “The Sims”, allow you to create and governance virtual characters or households. They tend to mimic aspects of everyday life, including relationships, careers, social interactions, and personal development.

Urban construction and control

For example, “SimCity” or “Cities: Skylines” are responsible for building and managing realistic cities. Typically turn on goals such as strategy planning, resource management, infrastructure design, and meeting the needs of virtual citizens.

Divine Delight

Games about the gods, such as Black White or From Dust, give you the opportunity to shape and control worlds, as well as influence the living of unusual inhabitants. They often turn on tasks such as terraforming, governance resources, and leading civilizations. Simulators provide an immersive experience that allows them to explore different scenarios, test designs, and get creative.