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For those searching for a palpable and adrenaline-rushing encounter, it provides an unyielding onslaught of activity and carnage. This intense initial individual shooter propels players into a dystopian realm overwhelmed by monstrous creatures.

The game’s state-of-the-art graphics and engrossing sound design intensify the tension as players combat hordes of horrifying adversaries.

With a broad selection of weapons and strategic challenges, the app furnishes an unabashedly intense gaming experience for excitement enthusiasts. Steel yourself for an adrenaline-infused journey into the core of darkness.

What will change reality?

The main attribute in Gorebox is the Reality Crusher. This is not just an item that will be lying around in your backpack. With this, you can create an incredible atmosphere. This is a special tool that makes it possible to form, change and destroy any entities that are here.

With this, users will go beyond the mere player, becoming the architect of their own chaotic adventures. In addition, in this game you will have other weapons that are no less cool. But only you decide what to wander around this universe with!

Choose from these in Gorebox:

  1. Pistols
  2. Bits
  3. Fists
  4. Explosives
  5. Firearms

Express yourself

In this game, each of the participants can become unique in this territory. Stand out from the crowd and let every enemy remember you! Customize your character’s appearance with cool skins and accessories. Unlock hats, equipment, masks and more that will bring you the results you need!


In addition to regular maps, players can create their own. In Gorebox you can visit a special place that is reserved for this purpose. There, each of you can be creative and use cool ideas. Decorate locations with different textures, and then share with other users. Visit others’ ones to get inspiration or criticize them!