Get On Top

Get On Top

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Get On Top is an exhilarating game designed for collaborative walkthrough, that blends tactics, swift thinking, and a dash of physics. In this virtual wrestling showdown, you’ll grapple with a friend or challenge an AI rival, aiming to outsmart them and claim victory. Let’s delve into the exciting details of this addictive game!


The main goal of Get On Top is deceptively understandable: control your quirky ragdoll personage and strive to get on top of your opponent. The battle unfolds on a narrow platform, and both characters can move left, right, and jump. But beware—the key lies in using your actions strategically to achieve a victory.


  1. Player 1: Use the “W,” “A,” “S,” and “D” keys to maneuver and leap.
  2. Player 2: Employ the arrow keys for movement and jumping.

Game Modes

Get On Top offers two engaging game modes:

1. Single Player vs. AI: Test your mettle against a computer-controlled opponent. Can you outwit the AI and emerge victorious?

2. Local Multiplayer (2 Players): Engage a buddy in participating in an intense combat. The stakes are high, and victory is within reach!

Winning Strategies

Each round concludes when one of the characters’ heads touches the ground. Score points by winning rounds, and aim to be the overall champion after 11 rounds.

Remember, brute force is not the only thing that matters; timing, strategy, and lightning-fast reflexes play a pivotal role. Whether you’re confronting a good old buddy or honing your abilities against the AI, Get On Top guarantees endless fun and nail-biting moments.

So, gather a friend, step into the virtual wrestling ring, and prove who truly deserves the top spot!