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Pogostuck is an addictive action that takes players on an exciting adventure. Can you climb a huge mountain using a special item? The combination of extreme platforming and arcade gameplay makes this challenge unique. Do it alone or with friends for more fun!

Test of strength and agility

In this game, users will have to use their control skills, willpower and reactions. All these qualities will help you overcome various obstacles on your way up. The main means of transportation becomes both friend and foe, requiring precision and coordination of movements.

• Learn to control the item
• Overcome deadly obstacles
• Conquer the top
• Keep your balance

Feel the adrenaline and extreme

In Pogostuck, our guests will go on exciting journeys. Each location is full of bright colors, beautiful graphics and pleasant melodies. All this motivates you to move on, regardless of pitfalls or barriers. If you are stuck at one of the stages, then quickly find a way out!

Be careful and dexterous to complete the mission. Don’t be afraid to take risks in the game, because it will bring you more points. Users can compete for the top spot on the leaderboard, which creates rivalry. Where can you get to without giving up?