Among Us Horse Mode

Among Us Horse Mode

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Can you hear that hoof beat? Finally, a new version of the famous challenge is gaining momentum! Among Us Horse Mode is nothing like the original. Although, just try it and you will understand how many similarities there are. Are you ready to start this space adventure and laugh a lot?

Unique Maps

It all started with a harmless tweet from the developers. But when it became too popular, why not make it a reality? In this game, fans will visit a fairly familiar location where they will spend a lot of time. Instead of the usual alien guests there will be cloven-hoofed creatures.


  1. Exploring new places
  2. Completing tasks
  3. Intuition Test
  4. Ability to be cunning
  5. Cool skins

Don’t be suspicious!

Among Us Horse Mode has simple rules that will be remembered instantly. Users will visit a ship where there is one traitor from the entire crew. The main goal is to identify him and destroy him before he does the same to the others.

Each of the characters will perform fun missions that will distract you from what is happening. But be careful and pay attention to the behavior of other participants. Perhaps you can arrange surveillance? What if you get the role of a killer in this game? Can you win while others are afraid to leave the room?