Ark of Charon

Ark of Charon

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Ark of Charon, developed by the cult Japanese studio Sunsoft in collaboration with Angoo Inc., offers a refreshing twist on the strategy genre. In this game, players find themselves caretakers of a giant, beast-like sapling—a World Tree—whose journey is both mysterious and vital. Let’s delve into the gameplay, controls, and features that make Ark of Charon an intriguing experience.


At the heart of Ark of Charon lies the delicate balance between colony simulation and tower defense. As the sapling’s guardian, your task is to guide it to its nursery. Imagine building a thriving colony on the back of a trudging Tree—a mobile fortress that combines survival, exploration, and resource management.

Guide to Controls

The controls are intuitive, allowing you to focus on strategy rather than wrestling with complex mechanics. You’ll navigate the world, construct buildings, and defend against threats—all while ensuring the sapling’s growth and well-being.

  1. Building: Construct structures on the Tree’s back, from resource-gathering facilities to defensive towers.
  2. Exploration: Venture into the unknown, uncovering secrets and gathering essential resources.
  3. Defense: Defend your colony from hostile creatures using strategically placed towers and traps.

Game Modes

Ark of Charon offers two distinct game modes:

  1. Early Access: Dive into the game as it evolves. While not yet complete, this mode provides a glimpse of the core experience.
  2. Full Release: Anticipate additional content, including a final destination for the Tree’s journey, powerful enemies, and new architecture.

Special Features

What sets Ark of Charon apart?

  1. World Tree: Witness the sapling’s growth and transformation as you nurture it.
  2. Resource Management: Balance resource gathering, construction, and defense to ensure survival.
  3. Dark Fantasy Setting: Explore a dystopian world where hope rests on the Tree’s shoulders.

Ark of Charon invites players to embrace both caretaker and strategist roles, fostering a unique blend of genres. As the Tree lumbers forward, life’s resurgence awaits—if you can protect it.

Remember, this game is still in Early Access, and its journey is far from over. Join the adventure, shape its development, and witness the rebirth of a world.