A Difficult Game About Climbing

A Difficult Game About Climbing

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This game has a very simple task that not everyone can complete. Sounds interesting and strange at the same time, doesn’t it? Today players will control the alpinist, or rather, only his hands. Use your mouse and master the art of it!

The main goal is to reach the highest point on the mountain. There will be a cool surprise waiting for you there, but what will it be? Will you be able to cope with such a mission and not fall down? In A Difficult Game About Climbing, users will find a variety of tracks. They are dangerous because they have obstacles and traps along the way.

You must be dexterous and attentive to avoid them and stay safe. Grab rocks, pull, maneuver and more to move forward! Sometimes the process will be too unexpected, so don’t be scared! Be vigilant and think twice before doing anything! Let’s find out how determined and brave you are!