Solar Smash

Solar Smash

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In Solar Smash, players become masters of cosmic destruction by wielding weapons. It is capable of destroying entire planets, just know this! This exciting process opens before you the endless expanses of space, where every object is your potential goal. Can you cope with such an exciting task?

Explore and destroy

In this game you are given the freedom to explore various parts of the universe and find ways to get rid of them. Choose a weapon of your choice and watch how the object turns into a cloud of dust and fragments under your control.

How you can do this:
• Lasers
• Nuclear missiles
• Meteorites
• Black holes

Feel the power

Solar Smash is not only an opportunity to show your power. But the excellent graphics and realistic explosion effects make the process of destruction truly exciting. Are you ready to cause tsunamis, fires, volcanic eruptions and much more? Aim at any point to watch the explosions from all angles!

Experiment to find the coolest way that will take your breath away! In this game, each guest can not be afraid to make decisions. There may be mistakes, but they are the ones that point you in the right direction and force you to improve. Discover new opportunities that will surprise you!