Army Of Ages

Army Of Ages

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Are you ready to embark on an epic journey through the ages, battling alien invaders and evolving your civilization? Look no further than Army of Ages, a captivating strategy game that combines base-building, tactical combat, and a dash of quirky creativity. Let’s dive into the gameplay, controls, and special features that make this pixelated gem a must-play for fans of unconventional action!

Gameplay Overview

In Army of Ages, you start as a humble Stone Age clan facing an otherworldly threat: advanced alien insectoids. Your mission? Evolve through five distinct ages, each offering new units, technologies, and challenges. From primitive spearmen to futuristic laser cannons, assemble your forces and defend against the hive!

Guide to Controls

  1. Arrow keys: Move the camera to explore the battlefield.
  2. Space: Select your base for upgrades and unit deployment.

Game Modes

The heart of Army of Ages lies in its game modes:

  1. Campaign: Embark on a chronological journey, battling through different historical periods. Each age introduces unique enemies and strategic twists.
  2. Survival: Face endless waves of alien attackers. How long can you hold out?
  3. Custom: Mix and match ages, units, and challenges to create your own scenarios.

Special Features

What sets Army of Ages apart?

  1. Unit Evolution: As you progress, unlock new units and upgrades. Witness cavemen evolve into cyborg warriors!
  2. Alien Events: Brace yourself for unexpected events—a meteor strike, an alien invasion, or even a time-traveling knight!
  3. Base Upgrades: Strengthen your base with turrets, walls, and resource generators.

Whether you’re a fan of pixel art aesthetics or crave a fresh take on strategy games, Army of Ages delivers a quirky, challenging experience that spans millennia. Gather your troops, adapt, and conquer!