Chained Together

Chained Together

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Your mission in Chained Together? Escape this infernal realm by scaling treacherous platforms and overcoming scorching obstacles. Here’s what you need to know:

Gameplay Basics

  1. Challenging Coordination: Perfect timing and coordination are essential for each jump. The chain connecting you and your companions isn’t just for show—it adheres to realistic physics, allowing it to wrap around platforms.
  2. Solo or Multiplayer: No matter if you’re playing solo or with friends, Chained Together is ready to adapt to the number of players! You can play with up to four friends locally.

Unlocking New Characters

Expand your roster by unlocking new characters in Chained Together:

  1. Collectibles and Achievements: Seek hidden collectibles or complete specific challenges within levels for character rewards.
  2. Level Progression: Reach special checkpoints as you ascend through levels to unlock fresh faces.
  3. Secret Paths: Explore thoroughly—some levels hide secret paths or alternate routes with characters waiting to join your team.
  4. Score High: Achieving top scores or completing levels swiftly can also trigger character unlocks. Strive for perfection!

In Chained Together, each character brings unique abilities to enhance your climbing experience. Let’s explore a few of them:

1. Swift Sprinter (Lena):

  1. Ability: Lena can dash across short gaps, covering ground quickly.
  2. Use Case: Perfect for time-based challenges or escaping lava in a hurry.

2. Stalwart Shieldbearer (Grom):

  1. Ability: Grom’s shield provides protection from falling debris and fireballs.
  2. Use Case: Survive hazardous environments and shield your team.

3. Nimble Acrobat (Zara):

  1. Ability: Zara can perform double jumps, reaching higher platforms.
  2. Use Case: Access hidden areas and evade obstacles.

4. Elemental Conjurer (Kai):

  1. Ability: Kai can manipulate fire or ice, creating temporary platforms.
  2. Use Case: Create paths or block hazards strategically.

Remember, each character brings unique abilities. Experiment with combinations to find your ideal team. Whether you ascend alone or collaborate with friends, every step takes you closer to breaking free from hell’s chains!