Cow Clicker Unblocked

Cow Clicker Unblocked

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Cow Clicker Unblocked is an addictive process. Players will want the highest scores possible. The rules are very simple: just tap on the screen. Even a child can cope with this, but does he have the ability to create strategies? Hurry up and start this challenge and prove that you can become a master!

Main principles

The game is based on simple mechanics – players must click on the image of an animal to earn points or resources. The goal may vary, but usually players aim to accumulate as much milk as possible. Combine livestock to get twice as powerful animals, so that they bring more products!

• Simple instructions
• Bright and colorful graphics
• Motivational soundtrack
• Ability to improve characters
• Striving to be the best
• Setting records

Levels and achievements

There are no specific levels or missions in Cow Clicker Unblocked. Players just need to prepare their finger to poke at the screen. At the beginning, users will receive small creatures. Drag one on top of the other to get a larger type.

Thus, the milk will become larger, thereby moving you towards your dream. When the animal reaches its largest size, it will go to the bar. What will happen next in the game when it is completely filled?