Dome Keeper

Dome Keeper

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Dome Keeper takes players into the world of science fiction. Here they will have to become the defender of a giant structure that protects the last survivors. This is due to the fact that too many external threats have appeared on Earth. Be careful and react quickly to complete the mission!


In this game, users will take on the role of a building security guard. He is responsible for protecting its inhabitants from various dangers. You must make strategic decisions and deploy measures to prevent enemies from invading and stay safe.

Players are given the opportunity to improve and develop their base in Dome Keeper. Invest resources in defense structures and technologies. You can upgrade walls, towers, weapons and equipment to make your territory impregnable to enemies.

Various threats:
• Attack of enemy armies
• Mutant attacks
• Natural disasters
• Technological accidents


Participants will carry out tasks that will help them ensure their survival. They can send troops on reconnaissance, collect resources, save those who need help, and so on. You will also engage in intense battles in the game. Every decision can have fatal consequences. Use your tactical skills and strategies to win!