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In Dummynation, players will feel the power and learn a lot more about it. You need to take control of one of the countries and lead it to world domination. This will not be as simple as it might seem at first glance. Will you be able to make the right decisions based on the resources of the territory?


One of the good qualities that you should be able to do in this game is to be cunning. This is done for profit and in no case should be called deception. Gain confidence in other areas to take over over time.

What other ways are there:

  1. Diplomatic
  2. Military
  3. Resource usage
  4. Think strategically

Each of these points can lead you to the goal of the game. You just have to understand what you are truly a professional at! But remember that expanding too quickly can lead to the rapid destruction of your empire.

Don’t get poor!

Take advantage of your country’s resources to fund research and military operations. However, excessive spending can lead to economic deterioration. Thus, you risk falling behind your competitors in the military balance. In Dummynation, be careful not to expand too quickly! This can lead to destruction of territories! Take part in competitions with friends. Find out about their interests and win!