Egg, Inc

Egg, Inc

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Egg, Inc is an exciting and fun process where players take on the role of a chicken farm owner. They will strive to create a thriving business. In this challenge, users need to manage various aspects of farming. From raising chickens to improving and expanding your factory. Can you handle it?

Research and development

In this game, our guests are given the opportunity to build their own territory from scratch. They can choose different types of chicken coops and raise different breeds of poultry. In addition, they can improve their buildings to increase production.

Things to consider:
• Market demand
• Product prices
• Equipment costs
• Technological innovation

These and other important qualities will influence your work. Make strategic decisions to maximize profits and efficiency at Egg, Inc! Conduct research and development to improve your farm and improve performance. They can improve animal feeding and care, and develop new technologies to automate processes.

Users can compete with other participants and strive to take a leading position. Will you be able to take first place in the rankings and achievements? With each level the game becomes more complex and exciting. Be successful!