Five Nights at Anime 3 Unblocked

Five Nights at Anime 3 Unblocked

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Are you ready for Five Nights at Anime 3 Unblocked? Players will visit a familiar place and remember what it’s like to be a security guard. In this version you will be able to watch new and cool updates. Have the courage and patience to stay here until the end. Your shift is from 12 am to 6 pm, can you handle it?

A return to fascination and horror

In this game, users will go to a building where animatronics come to life after midnight. Today you will watch beautiful girls who are also made of iron. They look too attractive and constantly want to get closer. Don’t let them do this, otherwise you will die of pleasure!

• Ballora
• Bonnet
• Fredbear
• Funtime Chica
• Helpy
• he Pupper
• Rockstar Bonnie
• Scrap Baby

Explore and survive

Five Nights at Anime 3 Unblocked has not changed the main goal. Players will still have to monitor enemy locations using CCTV cameras. Sit on a chair in the office and watch the monitors closely. There are doors on the sides that can only be closed one at a time.

For this reason, have time to react quickly to save your life. You have a flashlight that you can use to illuminate dark areas. Keep this charged so you don’t get into trouble! In the game, everyone must develop a strategy that will lead him to victory.