FNF 13th Friday Night: Funk Blood

FNF 13th Friday Night: Funk Blood

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It is time to introduce some horror to this cheerful show! Meet Jason Voorhees, the main antagonist from the legendary horror film and your opponent for this week. Will Boyfriend gain enough courage to face such a dangerous opponent?

Gameplay FNF 13th Friday Night: Funk Blood

Regardless of the creepy and disturbing atmosphere, you will need to prove that you are far more skillful than your adversary, when it comes to creating music. Press the buttons in the correct moment to gather the points and make the scale move towards Jason.

To make the challenge even harder, try a special Jason mode, which introduces insanely fast beats which can be handled only by the most competent performers. Grab your microphone tightly and try not to miss any sound, or your precious Girlfriend will become another victim of the crazy maniac!

Feel the ominous atmosphere of the cursed day

Having arrived at the mysterious camp in the forest, you didn’t expect to be caught into the trap of a serial killer. But now you are facing this monster and the only thing you can do to escape is to recreate the chilling melodies better than the maniac. Do your best and fend off the villain with your incredible abilities until it is too late!