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All the powerful girls are going to collaborate into a powerful union, so get ready for a ravenous battle! Four different weeks are waiting for you with its stunning multifaceted plots and unforgettable scenes. Delve into the rhythmic universe and finally obtain the benevolence of your beloved one.

How to play FNF Baddies

Being one man in the realm, where girls rule can be quite sophisticated, but with your ability to perform, it should not be a great deal! Outwit them in this musical contest and win the love and support of Girlfriend. Each week is going to bring its own unique emotions and challenges; thus, your journey has just begun!

Before every fight though, examine the storyline of your future opponent, noticing her weak points and advantages. All the girls are surely pretty seasoned and are extremely good-looking, but don’t let these aspects interfere with your great mission!

Take a step into a glamorous realm

Apart from the interesting background and thrilling battles, take pleasure in the incredible character design, which is brimming with astonishing details. All the opponents have their particular fashion style and manner and the soundtracks always match their mood, too!