FNF: Confronting Yourself (vs Sonic.exe)

FNF: Confronting Yourself (vs Sonic.exe)

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Who is going to prevail, good-old Sonic or his ominous doppelganger? This crucial confrontation will show! Join the brave blue hedgehog and try to defeat his vicious opponents while being chased.

Gameplay FNF: Confronting Yourself (vs Sonic.exe)

Your enemy turned out to be exceptionally strong, so you have to flee, but there is still a chance to destroy him! Do everything possible to stop the eternal evil which is imprisoned in your ferocious double. Try to concentrate on the battle, while running for your life and create an absolute performance for the best ending!

In this game, the number of misses is crucial, as it determines how the story is going to end, so focus on the process and keep up with the rhythm. Each successful movement brings you closer to victory! There are only two soundtracks, but it will be enough to frustrate even the most seasoned players.

Feel the adrenaline outburst

The more mistakes you make, the closer the evil entity approaches you and this will make you experience the most intense and disturbing atmosphere ever. But don’t let the feeling of fear intervene with your race! Run confidently towards the salvation and strike the enemy with a series of powerful actions.