FNF Music Battle 3D

FNF Music Battle 3D

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Welcome to the 3D version of the most captivating rhythm game ever! Once again, take the role of a novice rapper Boyfriend and impress Girlfriend with your exceptional skills. Just adapt to the melody and make the performance as perfect as you can!

How to play FNF Music Battle 3D

One of the most fantastic features of the project is the fact that you need to just press the arrow keys to play it! When you see an arrow approach a grey bar on top of the screen, push it and your hero will make a sound. Timing is crucial in this matter, so try to press the buttons at the correct moment, when the signs are exactly on the scale!

There are multiple levels and each time your task will get harder and the notes will go faster, requiring you to react more and more swiftly. Will you manage to handle such a high speed and not lose to Girlfriend, an experienced and masterful performer?

Enjoy the rousing moves

While you are performing your best hits, don’t restrain yourself from dancing as well! Watch both musicians move on the stage, listening to the brilliant tracks and spicing up the energetic atmosphere. The renewed visual design together with the improved songs will make this experience absolutely unforgettable!