FNF Playground

FNF Playground

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Follow enigmatic rhythms together with your favourite heroes in this engaging simulator! All the main characters from the popular universes have gathered to fight in a rap competition against each other and you can join any of them. Choose your favourite and engage in stunning battles, where your musical sense determines the victory!

How to play FNF Playground

It is quite easy to master the controls of this game, it just takes a little practice to improve your reflexes. But first, pick up one of the ten available personages, including Sonic.exe, Melodii, Skibidi Toilet and other well-known heroes. They all have different animations and special effects, so it will be fun to take a look at all of them in action!

Change your avatar’s position or transfer them to another location to change the vibe of the battle. Visit a bright stage, dangerous night city, Christmas-themed mall and many other curious locations.

Experiment with the melodies

There is even an opportunity to adjust the sound itself, raising or lowering the pitch! Go to the settings and select one of the pre-sets or manipulate the sounds yourself, moving the scales to different directions, until you reach the perfect tone.