FNF vs Uzi (Murder Drones)

FNF vs Uzi (Murder Drones)

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Witness an epic crossover between FNF and Murder Drones multiverses! This mod contains so many exciting features that you will be bewildered by them all. Confronting deadly mechanical mannequins, you will have to show the maximum of your potential and absolutely destroy the opponents with your impeccable performances.

How to play FNF vs Uzi (Murder Drones)

Although the controls are not different from the initial game, you will have to adjust to the nerve-racking speed of the tracks which will also tell you more about your adversaries. Each melody is extraordinary, so take a moment to appreciate the exceptional tunes and creative combinations.

Not only Uzi will be your competitor here, but also other characters from the same realm. Note that all of them are super compelling and one second of hesitation may cost you victory! Thus, press the keys vigorously and watch the sequence carefully.

Don’t let the drones catch you off guard!

New soundtracks bring not only unique tunes, but new mechanics as well. This may be quite challenging at the beginning, but you will need to handle it to go further. Your ability to adapt plays an important role in this battle, so do your best and fight as never before!