Imaginary Friend Asylum

Imaginary Friend Asylum

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Step into the eerie world of Imaginary Friend Asylum, a psychological horror game set in the haunting year of 1949. As a new patient at Hathmoore Children’s Asylum, you’ll tread its dimly lit corridors, uncover unsettling secrets, and form unlikely bonds with other children and their imaginary companions. But beware—the Ghost of the Asylum watches your every move, and survival hinges on unraveling the enigmas that shroud this grim institution.


The heart of Imaginary Friend Asylum lies in its captivating blend of adventure and horror elements. Here’s what awaits you:

• Exploration: Wander through the asylum’s shadowy halls, revealing hidden chambers, cryptic messages, and eerie artifacts. Each corner conceals a secret waiting to be unveiled.
• Imaginary Companions: These fantastical allies come in various forms, from whimsical to haunting. Whether it’s Polo, obsessed with beauty and style, or the enigmatic Ghost, their distinct personalities and special abilities will shape your journey.
• Staff and Secrets: The asylum staff treats you harshly, but they’re not your sole adversaries. Unearth the truth behind their actions and the sinister experiments conducted within these oppressive walls.

Guide to Controls

Mastering the controls is crucial for survival:

• Movement: Use the arrow keys or WASD to navigate the environment.
• Interaction: Press E to engage with objects, read notes, and converse with other characters.
• Inventory: Tab opens your inventory, where you manage items and crucial clues.

Game Modes and Levels

Imaginary Friend Asylum offers diverse game modes:

• Story Mode: Immerse yourself in the narrative, solving puzzles and unearthing secrets.
• Survival Mode: Test your wits and reflexes as you evade danger and fight for survival.

Explore multiple levels within the asylum, from the abandoned library to the chilling basement—each harboring its own challenges and mysteries.