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JOHN DOE is the name of one of the characters in this challenge. This process did not take much time from the developer. But it is precisely due to the simplicity and clarity of the interface that fans like it. It has received a lot of raves, so you should try it too.

Dating simulator

This game is made in the usual visual novel style. The main character works in a cafe, where he goes every morning. Every day was the same with monotonous tasks or responsibilities. But this one will be remembered by him and every participant for a long time!

The hero of the game, as usual, went to a familiar place, where he was caught by a strange man. This is a stranger, but it seems that he has been stalking you for a very long time. Start a dialogue with him and answer questions. They will be simple and therefore require only a “yes” or “no” in return.

• He will fall in love with you
• You will become his enemy
• He will lose interest
• Blood and gore scene

Choice affects the future

Each decision can change the next storyline. The endings describe the most common outcomes of events. But there are also three more here that are secret. JOHN DOE will keep players in fear throughout the entire process. Will you be able to survive in this atmosphere?