Kill It With Fire 2

Kill It With Fire 2

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They say that our fears control us. Let’s check if this opinion is correct? If you have a phobia of spiders, then think twice before you start! In Kill It With Fire 2, players will take on the role of a special agent to destroy these creepy creatures. But will it be as easy as you might initially think? But you should be paid a good amount, right?

Conquer arachnophobia!

In this game, users will take revenge on these insects with eight legs. They shouldn’t survive, so quickly take your laser weapon and shoot. You can visit a huge number of locations where confrontations will take place. You have a fairly large list of things you can use:

Kill enemies with:

  1. Web Whip
  2. Flamethrower
  3. Electric stun gun
  4. Pan

Take on the role of a spider!

Participants in this chaos must be very careful when roaming the areas in order to destroy all evil. But what if we told you that Kill It With Fire 2 has a new feature? Now users can become one of the arachnids and hide anywhere. Choose places where you definitely won’t be found!

Slow down the exterminators by using webs, evading justice and using your parkour skills! Or just hide in a vase and watch the madness spread. However, remember that enemies have a lot of tools, so it’s best to pray in the game.