Plague Inc Unblocked

Plague Inc Unblocked

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Plague Inc Unblocked will make players feel like they are in the role of a mad scientist. You have to create a terrible virus that will devour the entire planet. Only you can decide what it will be like and what symptoms will represent it. Can you ensure that the whole world perishes?

Patient Zero

Before the main part of the game begins, users will come up with a name for the virus. They can then select symptoms, such as cough, vomiting, fever, sore throat and more. Look at the huge map and click on the country where the infection will come from.

In Plague Inc Unblocked, players must be careful and consider all possible outcomes of events. Methods of transmission of the disease can be through air, blood, water, animals, etc. Which one will be the most effective and bring more success?

• Distribution strategies
• Virus evolution
• Consequences
• Governments’ response
• Medicines and vaccines


Players can upgrade the disease, making it more contagious, resistant to drugs, and more deadly. They also have to watch how quickly people search for an antidote. Don’t let them heal and add more symptoms to lead them astray. Get DNA points in the game to unlock more scary characteristics and destroy the planet.