Skibidi Toilets: Invasion

Skibidi Toilets: Invasion

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The world is already tired of enduring all the nightmares of these crazy enemies. Nobody knows where they came from, but everyone knows that they need to get rid of them. Only you can end this, so grab your weapon and go to town! In Skibidi Toilets: Invasion you will find exciting battles with a dose of humor.

Restore Order in the World!

In this game, users will have an important mission. But for ideal results, everyone has to try and make every effort. There is a large selection of weapons that are completely unique. This way fans can use a rifle, laser, pistols and more. But what else do these ruthless streets hold?


  1. Creepy cemeteries
  2. Abandoned factories
  3. Secret underground bunkers
  4. Dilapidated alleys

Improve Character!

Defeating enemies will not be easy and therefore you must constantly increase your abilities. This can be done by improving abilities or unlocking new skills. In any case, this will be very useful and necessary in Skibidi Toilets: Invasion.

In addition, players can increase damage, speed, and other things that will help in battle. In this game you need to be dexterous and concentrated to complete the mission. Don’t forget to come up with a strategy that will lead to the right decisions!