Super Animal Royale

Super Animal Royale

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Super Animal Royale is more than just battles! In this challenge, players will visit an abandoned park in Safari style. Although there are no people here, there are wild and angry creatures. The atmosphere here is quite nice and it seems that this is not a place for blood. Are you ready to take part in this game?

Improve your abilities!

In Super Animal Royale, users will first select a character. They will manage it throughout the entire process. Enter the field where 64 participants can gather at the same time. But you can also take part in 4v4 battles, which will make you completely immerse yourself in this game .

What can you do besides this:
• Chat with other characters
• Explore the world
• Buy skins
• Learn secrets

These are just some of the main points. But this game has more exciting events that will delight everyone. Remember that there is not only military action, but also entertainment! Explore beautiful locations where you can find clues. Where will they take you? Place your bets!

Instead of regular weapons, users will use cool items. Some of them will raise a few questions, but that’s okay. In Super Animal Royale you need to be prepared for anything! Even if you have to crush your opponents with a hamster wheel.