The Game of Sisyphus

The Game of Sisyphus

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“It only takes the fight to the top to fill a man’s heart”. Albert Camus said so and he is indeed right. In The Game of Sisyphus, players will have an interesting task that will completely change their worldview. Check out the character’s story and help him become happy. Can you handle it?


The game takes place in an ancient and mythical world. The main character is a builder who has sinned many times. The gods decided to curse him for this and forced him to drag a huge stone up the mountain. The man thought it would be simple and resolutely pulled the boulder up.

But after a while, it will become clear to everyone that doing this will be much more difficult than one could imagine. The object constantly rolls back down, forcing you to add strength and logical thinking. In addition, obstacles will constantly appear on the way, which greatly interfere and confuse the game.

What you may encounter:

  1. Spikes
  2. Ice
  3. Scarecrows
  4. Bombs
  5. Arrows

Patience and Precision

Here it is very important to understand physical laws, in this case – inertia. It is the property of a body to maintain its current state of motion or rest until it is acted upon by an external force. In The Game of Sisyphus, changing the direction of the boulder’s movement must be done smoothly and carefully.

If this happens abruptly, it may cause the stone to become unstable or begin to roll in an unexpected direction. This may cause you to fail the level in the game. Thus, players are advised to carefully plan their actions to avoid irreversible consequences.

The Game of Sisyphus will teach everyone to focus on the process. Be careful and create a strategy that will help you achieve the desired results. Fans can also unlock other stones in this challenge. They can be received as rewards for effort and work. Be patient and find the right balance!