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In Unplagued, you step into the shoes of plague doctors, working together with up to 4 companions. Your mission? To purge the plague that has infested procedurally generated medieval villages. The once-idyllic lands are now overrun by mutated creatures beyond imagination.

  1. Explore villages: Travel from village to village, collecting ingredients and searching for the right combination to create the cure.
  2. Team up: Play with friends in online co-op mode, coordinating your efforts to combat the plague.
  3. Proximity voice chat: Communicate with your team as you strategize and fight off the horrors.


Master the controls to survive:

  1. WASD: Move your character.
  2. Mouse: Aim and attack.
  3. Spacebar: Jump.
  4. Shift: Sprint.

Game Modes

Unplagued offers the following game modes:

  1. Co-op Campaign: Work together to cure villages and progress through the story.
  2. Survival Mode: Face endless waves of mutated creatures, testing your survival skills.

Levels and Challenges

Each procedurally generated village presents unique challenges:

  1. Collect Ingredients: Search houses, forests, and fields for essential ingredients.
  2. Craft the Cure: Combine ingredients strategically to create the antidote.
  3. Escape the Creatures: Evade or fight off terrifying monsters.

Special Features

What sets Unplagued apart:

  1. Plague Donkey: Encounter this mysterious creature and uncover its secrets.
  2. Queen’s Approval: Make the queen proud by successfully curing villages.

Remember, teamwork is crucial. Gather your companions, face the horrors, and save the medieval world!