Voices Of The Void

Voices Of The Void

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This challenge is in the style of a “lighthouse keeper”. But this time you will go to the wilderness, which is located in a beautiful environment. These are the mountains of Switzerland where the observatory is located. In Voices Of The Void you will be the one in charge of this entire room. For this reason, all responsibility lies with you.

Expanses of Space

The point of the game is to catch the sounds that come to Earth. They are happening in the galaxy, but you have a chance to witness them too. Can you decipher them and draw conclusions? This process will interest you from the first seconds due to its unusualness and non-standard nature.


  1. Collect sounds
  2. Record them and reveal the essence
  3. Sell
  4. Make improvements
  5. Become a master
  6. Open new locations

Oddities That Strain

In Voices Of The Void, users must pay close attention to the atmosphere. As soon as you hear something that catches your attention, immediately take notes! In total there are more than 150 signals that are completely unique.

In this game, fans can hear both regular ones and ones that will scare you. What kind of mysteries are going on here? Why would anyone want to contact our civilization? Can you find out in 40 days?