Warnet Life 2

Warnet Life 2

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Welcome to Warnet Life 2! Today players will have an amazing opportunity. You can open a small cafe where visitors will come. If you have long dreamed of doing this, then start soon! In this challenge you will face various problems. Find a way out of them and prove that you are a good entrepreneur!

Launch your business

At the beginning of the game, users will receive a small room. Install the first computer and let the client in. It will bring a small profit, with which you can then make improvements. Over time, you will be able to add more tables and chairs.


  1. Expand your territory
  2. Hire employees
  3. Keep order
  4. Unravel the secrets of the townspeople
  5. Collaborate with a specialist

Develop a cafe

Your main task in Warnet Life 2 is to turn a quiet corner into a crowded establishment. You have to pay salaries to security guards and other people to do the work. They will fix electricity if the lights suddenly go out, clean up screaming children and catch thieves.

In this game, users can unlock more than ten unique guests. Find out about their wants and preferences to please them. Their joy is your money! Remember this main rule to become a real professional and take over the whole world! Can you handle it?