Alternate Watch

Alternate Watch

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Are you ready to step into the eerie world of Alternate Watch? This chilling game, developed by Tesseron, invites players to unravel the mysteries of a haunted house. With its unique blend of puzzle-solving, simulation, and survival elements, Alternate Watch promises an unforgettable experience.

Gameplay Overview

In Alternate Watch, you take on the role of an observer assigned to detect anomalies within a spooky mansion. Your mission? Monitor eight different camera feeds over a six-hour in-game period. As you watch, objects may alter or suddenly appear, and it’s up to you to report your findings.

Anomaly Types:

  1. Imagery: Keep an eye out for paintings, artwork, or pictures that mysteriously change.
  2. Displacement: Objects shifting location—sometimes even duplicating themselves.
  3. Mimic: Beware of objects attempting to blend in or duplicate themselves.
  4. Flawed: Distorted human figures impersonating others.
  5. Pure Form: Shadowy figures with white eyes.
  6. Preacher: Cloaked, whispering figures.
  7. Electrical: Lights, TVs, radios, and other electronics behaving strangely.
  8. Tulpa: Seen only in mirrors.
  9. Corpse: Yes, you read that right—corpses.
  10. Unknown: Some anomalies defy classification.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Stay alert! Anomalies can occur at any time.
  2. Use headphones to catch subtle whispers and sounds.
  3. Remember that open doors indicate someone has entered the house.


  1. Switch between camera feeds using the arrow keys or mouse.
  2. Press the spacebar to report anomalies.

Special Features:

  1. Supports Lumen Global Illumination for stunning visuals (adjust settings if needed).
  2. Available on Windows (RAR and ZIP versions).
  3. Join the Twitch community and share your spine-tingling experiences.

Whether you’re a seasoned paranormal investigator or a curious newcomer, Alternate Watch will keep you on the edge of your seat. Remember, the truth lies hidden in the shadows—will you uncover it?