Anomaly Exit

Anomaly Exit

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This challenge was created using the same features as others in this genre. The main task here is to find and indicate. But will it be as easy as they say? Anomaly Exit will make even experienced professionals worry. Are you ready to go down to the subway and spend some time there completely alone?


In this game, players will control a character who has just finished his shift. It’s late evening and it’s time for him to go home. Entering the carriage, he realized that the train stopped at only one station. Although they are moving, why is this happening? There must be some differences? Can you find the end of this?


Every time you get a chance to go to a location, do it. Explore the area, looking for something that can help. Users must be alert in Anomaly Exit to notice changes in the environment. This could be in decorations, furniture or even people. Stay focused so you don’t miss anything!


Every time you click on something that spoils the overall picture, you will get closer to salvation. In this game you can also meet disgusting creatures. Avoid them or fight them? Only you can decide how soon you get home! Remember that if you notice something terrible, go back immediately.