Creepy Waves FM

Creepy Waves FM

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Imagine stepping into the dimly lit corridors of a game development office—a place where bugs lurk in the shadows, and every decision carries weight. Creepy Waves FM: Bugs Fixer invites you to this spine-chilling world, where salvation and tragedy hang in the balance.

Gameplay Unveiled

As you embark on your journey, here’s what awaits:

  1. Fixing Bugs: Your daily routine involves diving into prototype games’ code. Armed with your problem-solving skills, you’ll identify glitches and ensure seamless gameplay.
  2. Daily Routines: Explore the office, interact with colleagues, and gradually unravel the plot. Hidden mysteries lie beneath the surface, waiting for you to uncover them.
  3. Atmospheric Horror: Brace yourself for unexpected twists—the air thickens with tension, eerie sounds echo, and spine-tingling moments await as you delve deeper into the story.

Master the Controls

Navigate the office effectively with these controls:

  1. WASD: Move around
  2. LMB: Interact with objects and people
  3. P: Access your in-game phone
  4. Left SHIFT: Move a bit faster
  5. ESC: Open settings and view the full controls list

Creepy Waves FM: Bugs Fixer offers an average gameplay time of 60-90 minutes. Will you emerge unscathed, or will the darkness claim you? Remember, your choices shape your fate.