Doctor NoWhere

Doctor NoWhere

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Doctor NoWhere is a horror that makes you nervous. The traditional plot, where a monster is hunting you, has reached a new level. Everyone will be scared and pray for this to end quickly. Will you be able to reach the end and find out about the ending? Test how stress-resistant you are and face your own fears in the game!

Find a way out!

The plot of Doctor NoWhere begins with the main character picking up his phone. An unknown contact raises many questions, so you need to write to him. “Who are you?” This is the phrase that changes further events. A strange creature claims to know everything about you.

To leave this place you need:
• Find clues
• Solve puzzles
• Explore locations
• Interact with objects

In this game, players must be very attentive and think quickly. Every second is very important here, so don’t hesitate. Start wandering around the first room to find the key. Be on the lookout, because the monster may appear at the most inopportune moment!

Surprise is an integral part of Doctor NoWhere. This makes users constantly tense and think that they are trapped. Use a flashlight that will illuminate areas that are dark. Lightning-fast reaction and prudence will help you. Make important decisions in the game to stay alive.