Fear the Moon

Fear the Moon

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This process is for those who like to experience adrenaline. The feeling of fear and tension will not leave you until the end of the challenge. But will it happen or will you die first? In Fear the Moon, users will take part in strange events that may give you goosebumps. Not everyone will be able to endure what will happen.


The whole story of the game will unfold around four friends. Jane decided to get everyone together after so many years of separation. They came up with a plan that would do terrible things to them later. Visit the deep and dark forest of the Midwest and explore it!

What awaits you?

  1. Saving at any point in the process
  2. Puzzle solutions
  3. Rescue from creepy creatures
  4. Tense atmosphere

Find all your comrades!

After sitting around the fire, it was time to head to the old hut. What are these strange writings on the walls? Why is there blood here? The full moon has come and this means that a wolf man is wandering somewhere in Fear the Moon, players must find a way to avoid him!

In addition, users face another important task. You need to save the lives of each of those who came here with you. React quickly and be careful to complete this mission! Are you brave enough to do this? Are you good enough to be alone in this game?