FNaS: Maniac Mania

FNaS: Maniac Mania

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FNaS: Maniac Mania was developed by fans based on the popular game series. In this version, players will have to survive night after night in abandoned places where they are haunted by terrible animatronics. All opponents were inspired by famous characters who became childhood memories.

New levels of horror

In this game, users will immerse themselves in a world of nightmares and incredible tension. Witness creepy events and visit locations to explore. From abandoned attractions to dark basements! Players will have to face their enemies in order to survive.

For this you can use:
• Flashlight
• Items and equipment
• Camera control
• Closing the doors

Horrible animatronics

Players will confront new and scary iron monsters. Each of them has unique abilities and behavior, which makes the game even more unpredictable and exciting. With the updates, fans can use improved ways to protect themselves from attacks. Keep them under control!

The atmosphere will be filled with horror and tension. This is influenced by the dark lighting and sound effects. FNaS: Maniac Mania will make everyone believe that they are on the verge of death. React quickly, constantly look around and don’t fall into an insidious trap!